Recently, in my journal, I was bemoaning the fact that I had needed a couple of smaller pieces of fabric to finish a project. When I went to my list of fabrics and found the boxes I needed to look in I found that since I made the lists all kinds of materials had shifted from one box to the other. 

In the process of looking through my stash my office became a total catastrophe. I couldn’t even walk through it and I decided it was time for me to finally find a better way to keep track of my stash. Of course I immediately thought, “There must be an app for that.” Off I went to the Apple App Store (I have a iPod that I use for this sort of thing). 

In the store I found that there were actually very few apps dedicated to what I was looking for and not a single app that would do everything I need/want it to do. Not only do I sew, but embroider/cross stitch/crewel work, knit/crochet, and do various kinds of crafts. Since my fabric stash and all its paraphernalia is by far the bulk of what I have to keep track of I decided to concentrate on this area.

Still there’s not one app that will do all that I need it to do. I need to keep track of patterns, fabric, thread, notions (including, but not limited to needles, elastic, laces, embellishments, buttons, binding, and many other little things like snaps, covered button blanks, stamps and stencils for fabric embellishment, etc). I also wanted to be able to keep track of projects, both those that are in process and those I have planned. That way I’ll know what I have and don’t have on hand for the project and can pick up needed items before I start, so I don’t get stopped in my tracks.

Stacks of Well Organized Beautiful Fabrics
If Only My Stash Looked Like This

I found nine in the app store. Out of those there were two that got such bad reviews and hadn’t updated in such a long time that I didn’t even consider them. There were three that seemed too basic for me, where I couldn’t store enough information to do me any good. That leave four that I will work with and decide which I’m going to use. I’ll have to have at least two; one for patterns, and one for fabrics. I didn’t find one that would do both well.

The two with bad reviews, My Sewing Patterns and My Sewing Kit, were a real disappointment, because they were the apps that had the most bells and whistles. Unfortunately the reviews said that most of them didn’t ring or toot. Hopefully, sometime in the future the developer will revisit these apps and get them running effectively.

For my needs I found iSewMe, Sew Buddy, and Cora were just too basic. I couldn’t put in all the information I needed to know if I had what I needed to complete a project. They, too, could develop in the future into something useful, but I need an app now.

I’m going to be working with Sewing Patterns, Fabric Stash, PatternBox, and Stash Star Fabric. All of these, except Fabric Stash had a free app. Sewing Patterns and PatternBox limited your entries. Stash Star Fabric is fully functional, but you need to pay to remove the ads.

Sewing Patterns is just for patterns. Stash Star Fabric is only for fabrics. Fabric Stash is for fabrics and projects. PatternBox is for patterns, fabrics, notions, and projects (however, some of the functions are very minimal).

I’m going to work with all of them simultaneously. That way I’ll be able to see the good and bad for all of them at once. I’ll be trying to work around some of the deficiencies of some of the programs, so that I can catalog more than just fabrics. I’ll keep you up to date as to how things are progressing and my final choice.

I’ll be buying all four apps, so that I can see them in their fully functional mode. That is a total cost of approximately $16, so I don’t think it will break the bank, even when I eliminate one or two of them.

If you know of any other apps for Apple products, or know about apps for Android devices, please share that information in the comments below. Unfortunately I can’t help the Android users as I’m an Apple person.

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