Today was a backwards day. I work the closing shift, so I did the things I usually do in the evening during the morning. So, I worked on my counted cross stitch for a little over an hour. Picture tomorrow to show the progress I’ve made on it for the last month. It seems much more significant than other months, but that may be because I reached the other side of the piece and not because I actually stitched more.

Then I spent a good deal of time rearranging my little work area in the family room. I had it set up so that my laptop was setting on a table that got a lot of sun. That’s not a good idea. This meant moving tables and my chaise around a bit. Since I was moving things I did a thorough cleaning and went through some things to discard what was not needed and put away stuff I was finished with. It sure looks a lot better. I feel like I can find what I need easily now.

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