Had to do a very scary thing this morning. I had to restore my iPod. I’ve been having some funky things going on with the battery display. It was often telling me my battery was low, when if fact it wasn’t. I called Apple Support this morning and they did diagnostic testing and found that all systems, including the  battery were working just fine, so they recommended I do a restore. This is always SO scary, because I never know what data is going to be kept and what is going to be lost. With some of the apps the data you had in it is lost, gone forever into the ethers. I got to know that very well when I had my last iPod, which ended up having faulty hardware in it (it took them a year to figure that out). I had to restore my iPod a whole bunch of times, before they finally replaced it. I was very concerned that I was going to lose all the fabric information I had put in the past couple days. I am relieved to say that all of the fabric apps restored with all the information intact. I have a couple others to check, once they’ve loaded, but having the fabric app work was a tremendous relief. Nothing like putting in information for hundreds of fabrics, having to restore (for whatever reason) and having them all gone. Now I hope that the battery weirdness is fixed.

What time I had left before I went to work was spent working on a snafu on my site. Two of my Featured Images are not working properly. One has disappeared altogether, even though it is still in my media file and it shows in the post entry page. The other is not centering the image. Didn’t get it working, yet.

After work I was very tired. Ate a snack and then settled in to watch a Josh Grobin special on PBS. While watching the show I worked on the my cross stitch and completely finished the first pass. That was pretty exciting, because now I get to start back on the beginning side and do another 20 stitch pass. It is looking exactly how I was hoping it would, which has encouraged me to be more regular with my stitching time.

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