Got another stack of fabrics catalogued. This time it is fabrics that have specifically been bought to make things for my husband. These were never catalogued before, but were in a cabinet where I saw them every day. Unfortunately that did not make me sew them into anything useful. This is mainly because I’m still trying to get a really good fitting pair of pants made from cheaper material. That way when I cut into the beautiful fabrics I’ve gotten for him I’ll feel confident that they will actually turn out as something wearable. So, until them I’ll keep buying cheap material and playing with the fit.

After lunch I headed out to the greenhouse to plant more seeds. This time I’m going to start some of the annual and perennial flower seeds. Last year I got a ton of perennial seeds, thinking the greenhouse would be functional. I’m hoping they are still viable. I guess we’ll see soon. I took my iPod out there with me, as we have WiFi that goes out that far (it’s very close to the house) and checked on how to start many of the seeds. Unfortunately I couldn’t start a many as I wanted, because they need something special, like scarifying, stratifying, or one of other methods of preparing the seeds. So, I’ll work on getting that going tomorrow.

When I came in I had to make entries in my database for all the seeds I had just started. This led to a reorganization of the layout of the information and the addition of a photo box in each entry, so that I can put photos of how they look in my garden. Right now I’m just putting a photo from the Internet in the box, so that when they bloom I’ll recognize them, but ultimately I want to put one of my own pictures in there. I really love to take photos of flowers. You’d know that if you saw my photo library.

Later in the evening I finally got started on the Fox Paw scarf. I’d started it twice before, but found working on my plastic needles didn’t work for this kind of knitting. It involves tons of large increases, which means stacking stitches and they have to move easily from one needle to the other. My plastic needles are kinda sticky, which I usually like, but in this case it was a hinderance.

I scored a set of metal cabled needles on clearance, the last time I was in town, which is what is recommended by the pattern creator. I only got the cast on and one row of straight knitting done, but it seems like they stitches are going to move more easily on the needles. 

I started rewatching the videos that help with the increases and decreases needed for this project, to get the technique back in my head. Didn’t finish watching them as it got pretty late and I was so ready for bed. So, I’m finally off and running with the Fox Paw Scarf Project.

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