Continuing with my stash cataloguing this morning. I completed the rayon box. I had so many beautiful rayons that I hadn’t catalogued before. It ended up that they all don’t fit in one box. I’ll either need to get another container or find places in boxes that aren’t quite full to put them.

In the early afternoon I got onto my online gardening journal and entered the seeds that I planted yesterday. Had some problems, though, it wouldn’t let me add one variety. No matter what I did it didn’t work. So, contacted the webmaster and let them know they’ve got a problem.

Later in the day I watched the rest of the videos on the Fox Paw Scarf. I watched most of them twice to really see what she was doing. Then I tried to do it myself. So far it is being incredibly hard to move the stitches around. It is no longer a sticking thing. It is because I have to put so many stitches into one, they just get smaller and small, and harder and harder to move from one needle to the other. I’ll keep at it though. Maybe I’ll get in the flow and things will start to move better once I’ve completed several pattern repeats.

When my husband arrived home after a meeting he went to I had to quit on the scarf, because I have to be able to concentrate on it totally (and even say talk out loud what I’m doing) in order to do the process correctly. We’ll see when I get to the end of this row if I did it right or not. I didn’t even finish one row today.

Since I couldn’t work on the scarf anymore I switched to doing cross stitch. Unfortunately it was a snafu day for that, too. I found that I had put some stitches in the wrong place, so had to remove them. Kept getting the floss tangled, etc. I did manage to get a small section completed, but not nearly as much as I usually do in an hour.

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