Started off the day taking a class at the Apple Store nearby on taking photos with our iPod/iPad and getting the most from shadows and light. I know quite a bit about photography, but working with the little handheld devices has its limitations and I wanted to learn how to maximize those limitations. I learned how to use HDR better. It will really help with some pictures I take that have a lot of contrast in them. I usually end up with either blown out highlights or no details in the shadows. HDR helps with both of those. I knew how to do an HDR effect with my DSLR, because it is older and doesn’t have it built in. It is nice to have it all done for you in my iPod. It even takes a regular picture and then the HDR photo and saves both.

After we had a nice lunch at our nearby favorite Indian restaurant we headed home and I got the few little pieces I needed to fix my cross stitch frame correctly. I think I’d mentioned that I couldn’t tighten the bolts down enough to hold the Aida cloth taut. The dowels that hold the fabric are made out of a soft wood and the squared off part on the bolt had just sunk into the soft wood and then routed out a hole so that it was just spinning.

I got four nuts that are bigger around than the squared portion of the bolt and four washers that just go over the bolts threads. I put the bolt on and screwed it all the way to the top and then put on the smaller washer. I then inserted it into the holds in the frame, added the too large washer and the wing nut. I then cranked that down as tight as I could manually, then grabbed the squared off portion of the bolt with needle nose pliers, tightened the fabric as much as I could and quickly tightened down the wing nut on the back. Now the fabric is nice and taut.

Then I again sat down to work on my fabric stash. It seems to be a never ending job. I had no idea when I started this project that it was going to take anywhere near this amount of time, but I’ll just have to keep at it until it is done, so we can have our living room back again.

Yesterday I looked at different storage boxes that I could get for smaller items. I have a lot of little stuff that doesn’t have a home and every time I want to do some new project I have to move it all so that I can get to the stuff that has homes. So, the bottom line is to have homes for everything! 

Finally got all my lining fabric catalogued. Took me three days! That’s because a lot of it was not full yardage and I had to try and figure out how much of each I really had. It is not enough to even fill a storage bin, but it was a lot of pieces. Phew! Glad that is done.

Was going to work on the cross stitch, but decided to retreat to the quiet of the bedroom and peruse a book I got from the library on fashion design. Look for a review on it when I finish it.

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