Repeté, repeté, repeté (repeat, repeat, repeat). Another start to the day working on my stash. I felt like I got more done, because I finished several categories; silk, fleece, and wool. Still not as much as I wanted, though. This was in part because the weather was too nice to stay inside all day.

In the afternoon I spent several hours planting more seeds. I finally got all the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants, plus a few others started. Tomorrow is errand day and I need to pick up some electrical stuff so that I can hook up the heating pads. Hopefully one night without it will not be too hard on them.

In the late afternoon I finally got the second sock I’ve been trying to start on the dons, yay! I tried several times at the knitting group and every time I would do a major mistake and have to start over, so I took the time to get them on the needles before I went to the group.

Obviously in the evening I went to knitting group and worked on the sock I had just started. It went very well and I got about an inch of the cuff done. That felt monumental, as I had such a hard time getting it started.

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