Another morning of cataloguing fabrics. Got denim, twill, and other bottom weight fabrics, plus some of knits done. I’m about at the point where I can tell how many more containers I’m going to need. It may only be one or two, which would be wonderful. I’m thinking about getting a small piece of pegboard for one end of the closet. I could hang a bunch of smaller craft items there, so that they’d be handy and still be able to get the fabrics out. That will make room for some smaller boxes of odd shaped things that currently don’t have a good home.

It was a powerful afternoon as I power washed the north side of the house. Then I repaired and got the trellises up for the peas. I even had enough daylight left to plant the peas. The soil is still pretty wet, but it was now or never, as it is getting very late to put peas in here. If I get them in much later we won’t get hardly any peas before it gets too hot for them to produce.

I was pretty tuckered out from all that work, but managed to get all the seeds I’d planted catalogued in both places I’m keeping track. Then I tried to work on the stash some more, but after a few fabrics I quit. I was too tired and didn’t have the patience for all the diddly work it involves.

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