Ugh, was I ever tired when I got up this morning. After brunch I didn’t feel all that great either. Had to work the same mid-morning to late afternoon shift and came home bushed. I think more because I didn’t feel all that great, than that it was a particularly hard shift, because it wasn’t. It was steady, but not relentless, like yesterday.

Had a nice linner (that’s lunch/dinner) when I got home and then took a short nap. In the evening we had yummy chips and guacamole. After that I settled in for a short stint of cross stitch. Haven’t worked on it since the end of March, because I was using the light I need to see the stitches in my studio for the video. I guess I’ll just have to move it back and forth, because I’m not going to not work on my cross stitch for an extended period of time. I need to get some more lights, but until I do I’ll have to move it back and forth.

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