We’re supposed to have rain for the next several days, but there was a window this morning for us to go clean out the area where we’re going to move a native dogwood to. It sprouted in the front yard, very near the house the first year we moved here. It has been a tiny thing all along. I think mainly because it is in a garden that stays wet a lot AND it doesn’t get enough sun. 

Small Native Dogwood
Here’s Out Little Dogwood in Its New Home

For many years I thought it was a dogwood, but it didn’t bloom. I even took a leaf to a garden center to have them identify it and they said if it isn’t a dogwood they didn’t know what it was. However, for about ten years it didn’t bloom. I was about to dig it up and discard it when, a couple years ago, it finally bloomed. I have had plans to move it to a better home ever since then, but things just didn’t work out. Last year we started cleaning out the area where I want to put it. This morning we finished up the job. It was monumental, because there were blackberries, honeysuckle, and poison ivy that called the area home. I don’t think I’ve ever dug up so many roots, that I knew weren’t tree roots, in one area.

Now I’m sitting here waiting for lunch to finish. Oh, the rain, well now the forecast is for possible rain at 9:00 pm tonight, so we’ve got the rest of the afternoon to get the little tree moved, the blueberries trimmed, the camellias topped (that’s all I can do as we already have two mockingbirds that are nesting in them, one in each). I also need to get the spinach and brussel sprout starts that I bought planted and do a special fertilization to the plants in the greenhouse. It’s going to be a busy day and maybe even evening. It looks as though I’ll only get garden stuff done today, but it really, really needs doing.

A lot of stuff is coming due at the same time, because we had so much rain for the first three months of the year that we couldn’t really do anything in the yard. We probably shouldn’t have even walked on the lawn to get to the car and the greenhouse, but we couldn’t help that. For most of October 2018 to March 2019 our front yard was like walking on a sponge it was so soggy. Finally in mid-March it started to dry out and all the fall, winter, and early spring garden tasks are in a huge heap waiting to be attended to. We’ll get to them as fast as we can, but we have other things that need doing, as well.

I was totally exhausted by then, but had to take an extra half hour to plant the spinach and brussel sprouts I had bought about a week ago. Once that was done I “crawled” back into the house and took a nice hot shower.

Started this project at 10:30 a.m. this morning and didn’t finish it until 4:30 p.m. We thought we had all the roots out of the garden, until we went to dig the hole for the tree and found humongous roots just below where we had dug previously. So, we ended up digging for at least another hour before we could even think about planting the tree. However, she is in her new home and looking mighty pretty in her petiteness. I was saddened by the tiny root system she had. It just goes to show you how stressed she was being in that wet garden (it is the one I’m turning into a rain garden).

Now, we’re eating pineapple with yogurt, as a treat. One of the best pineapples I’ve ever bought. It was actually ripe when I bought it! Needless to say we only got the tree and the veggie starts planted. The rest will have to wait for the next non-rainy day.

Finished off the night by watching “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” a wonderful anime movie. If you haven’t seen it, give it a watch. Much better than any TV programs we have around here.

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