I worked the early shift today, plus it was a long shift, so the only thing I got done in the morning, and afternoon, was checking the greenhouse before I left and again when I got home.

Here’s a Close Up of The Wrapped Stitches

In the evening was knitting group. I’m continuing to work on the sock I started a while back. Unfortunately I had to take out several rows, as I found I had a mistake that had to be fixed. I’m making socks that have wrapped stitches and I had gotten my wrapping messed up, so the pattern was not working correctly. Managed to fix it all by myself (at least I’m hoping it’s fixed right). 

Came home and had some popcorn and kombucha as an evening snack. Before going to bed, which I was really ready for after a long shift and knitting group, we had to make another batch of kombucha. I’m a little worried that pretty soon we’ll have enough kombucha for the entire neighborhood. It is getting ready to bottle at a faster and faster rate as the weather gets warmer.

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