This morning started out with a bang and not a particularly good bang. Yesterday we had an electrical fire in our furnace area, so we’re without any heat or cooling right now. Lucky for us the weather is supposed to be glorious for the next few days. However, early this morning my husband was tearing it apart in order to be able to order the parts we need and I got roped into helping him with that. 

While helping him we needed something from the gadget drawer and I couldn’t find it, because it was such a mess. So, I had to stop and reorganize that.

Then I walked out the back door to go water the plants in the greenhouse and found that the neighbor’s dog had come up on the porch, taken a potted plant, chewed the pot to pieces and left the plant strewn all over the back yard. I was NOT a happy camper. This was a plant I had planned to put in its permanent home next week when I’m on vacation. Now I don’t even know if it is still alive. Plus he is acting very aggressive toward me, even after I’ve tried to befriend him with treats and pets. Why do people get animals that they have no intention of training and taking care of properly? This is a huge peeve of mine. When I had a dog she was voice trained to over 200 commands and she never disobeyed me, ever. I was not cruel to her to get her to listen to me. I trained her with her favorite treat, popcorn, and lots of love and praise. I did swat her on the rear end a few times, but now understand that I don’t even have to do that to have a well trained dog. She loved me and wanted to please me and didn’t want to be away from me for even a second. That is the relationship you need to have with your pet, especially if they can harm someone else. They need to be well trained and listen to you because they want to, not because they fear you. Otherwise they may turn on you someday, or choose not to listen to you at a key moment.

Anyway, sorry for the rant. I just had to get that off my chest in order to move forward today.

In the afternoon I spent time finishing up the perennial garden in the front. I cannot believe all the weeds that come up over the winter. You could hardly see the plants. Now they are all weed free and happy. I was happy to see that almost all the plants are returning. After the yard being a pond for most of the winter I was sure many of them had died of root rot.

Then I put some bokasi in the new garden area. It is an inoculated compost that you bury in your garden and the earthworms love the bacteria that is on it and will gobble up all the kitchen scraps and turn them into soil in just two weeks. 

Now it is evening and we’re going to have some chips and homemade guacamole and watch a little boob tube before retiring to bed.

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