Yippee, this is the beginning of a vacation week for me. It’s going to be a staycation, but that’s OK. We’ve got several projects that I hope to get a lot done on this week. I’ve got two projects, one inside and one outside, so that we can move forward no matter what Mother Nature has in store.

As weather dictates we’ll either be working on building garden walls or remodeling the closet in our guest room. We need a few items to work on the garden walls, mainly sand. I haven’t bought the materials for the closet, which I think will just be some lumber for the header. I have a fantastic idea for the closet doors, but don’t think I’ll get to them this week, but if we can get the header in place then everything that should be in the closet can be, and that would be a huge step forward in making that room useable again.

This morning I already did one little household project. I purchased a tension held organizer for the bathroom a few weeks ago. I got it at a great price. This morning I put it in place and it makes the shower look so much better. Everything is off the floor, seats, and little (useless) shelves. It will make keeping the shower clean much easier.

Then I worked on the site some more. I still have tons to do, but I am getting things tweaked and starting to work on the plugins I need to add the functionality I want. I’m hoping to get lots done on this during this week, as well. 

We had a wonderful homemade pizza lunch with another anime movie. I had the pizza sleepies after the movie, but pushed through them and worked on my cross stitch for awhile. It is really starting to look like something this month. Last month my progress was pitiful.

In the evening, after the tornado warnings had finally all expired, I sat down with the fox paw scarf and, after two tries, finally got the first increase row done properly. Yippee! This particular project has been quite a challenge for me. I can only work on it when I can really concentrate, as it takes my total concentration to not make a mistake (as can be attested to by the, at least, half dozen other times I’ve tried to complete this row!). 

If I didn’t love the pattern so much I would have given up by now, but I really want to learn how to do this pattern. After doing the first increase so many times I actually felt like I was getting it under my control and feel like the other rows with increases and decreases will go much easier. I’m hoping to spend some time on it almost every day this week, in the evening. It will feel good to get this project moving forward.

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