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I’ve always wanted to stitch a major piece in cross stitch. I’ve done several moderate size projects over the years, but I wanted this one to be monumental. Of course I needed to find just the right pattern. I started out looking for kits, but didn’t find anything I liked, so switched to looking for patterns. I looked for a few weeks and finally stumbled upon the Wisteria and Parrot Tulips in Whoopicat’s Etsy shop. I love Art Nouveau so this was right up my alley. It is in colors that will look wonderful in my studio. I was very excited.

The finished size is approximately 19″ x 25″, making it the largest cross stitch I’ve ever attempted. Also, it is a project done on 18 count Aida cloth, which I had never worked with before and requires 43 different colors of floss. I’d numbered in the twenties before. This is nearly twice as many as any project I’ve completed. To top it all off it is a totally stitched piece. There is no white background that is void of stitches. I knew I would have to be in it for the long haul, but am willing to give it a try.

There’s really not a lot to talk about when doing cross stitch, but I want to have a log of how far along I get every month. So, once a month I’ll post a picture of how much I got done that month.

Day 1

Here’s the very first day. It seemed like I worked forever and only accomplished a tiny little section. That’s the way 18 count Aida works, stitch a lot, see small results. I had to get used to that, as with 14 count your progress appears to be much faster, because the stitches are bigger.

Beginning Stitches on a Massive Cross Stitch Project
And The Race Begins, LOL

November 2018

At the end of November this is how much I had accomplished.

11-13-18 Progress Photo on Cross Stitch Project
November 30, 2018 Progress

December 2018

In December I got very busy at work and was tired much more of the time, so I didn’t get as much done as I had wanted, but here it is.

12-31-18 Showing Progress Made on Cross Stitch Project
December 31, 2018 Progress on Cross Stitch Project

January 2019

In January I didn’t do much better. I had several projects that were supposed to be done before Christmas and spent much of the month finishing them and getting them to the respective recipients. Once that was done I did get to do a little work on cross stitch project.

1-31-19 Showing Cross Stitch Progress
January 31, 2019 Progress on Cross Stitch Project
Close Up of Progress on Cross Stitch Project
Close Up of Progress

February 2019

In February I was determined to get all the way to the left side of the project. On February 26th I made it! Now I’m almost ready to start my second pass on the piece.

February 2019 Close Up Of Cross Stitch Project
Here’s the Close Up of What I Got Done In February
Overview of February 2019 Cross Stitch Progress
Here’s the Bigger Picture

I’m working across in 20 stitch increments, so that the piece will progress at the same pace across the entire width.

March 2019

March was a dismal month for cross stitch. The stash overhaul kept me so busy I hardly got a single other thing done the entire month. I only managed to cross stitch a few days, so progress was minimal. Here’s what I got done in the month of March.

March 2019 Progress on Cross Stitch Project
March 31, 2019 Progress on Cross Stitch Project
Close Up of March 2019 Progress
Here’s a Close Up of What Got Finished in March. Sadly Not Much…

April 2019

April was a better month. I got quite a bit done on the project. However, it has been in fits and starts instead of having a steady increase. I’ve spent long periods on several days working on it and then long stretches without any work. I would like to get down to a more steady work flow. However, balancing doing inside and outside work has been a bit of a challenge this month. Outside has won out on most occasions, unless it was raining. 

April 2019 Progress on Cross Stitch
Got a lot done this month. Here’s the full view. I think it’s looking amazing.
April 2019 Progress on Cross Stitch Close Up
Here’s a closer look at what I finished. So many tiny stitches!

May 2019

I managed to finish up the second pass on the piece and get a little further this month. The picture shows a little bit more done than was finished at the end of May, as I forgot I hadn’t taken a picture and started working on it. I stopped as soon as I realized I hadn’t taken the May picture, yet. So, I really only had the outline of the leaf on the lower right completed at the end of May. I didn’t really manage to get a daily flow going. It was another month with feast or famine, as the saying goes.

Cross Stitch Piece Showing May Progress
Here’s the complete piece. It is really starting to look like something.
Close Up or the Right Side of the Cross Stitch Piece
Here’s a closer look at the right side of the piece.
May Cross Stitch Piece Progress Closeup Left
Here’s the left side up close and personal. I like the yellows and golds in this section.

June 2019

I didn’t get much accomplished in June. I think the heat and finding Star Trek the Next Generation available online was a major influence. I don’t sleep well during the hottest part of the summer so am less interested in doing things in the evening. Hopefully, next month will be better.

Picture shows the complete project with the small area that was completed in June
As you can see I didn’t get much done. Interesting, I had two light sources on the project. You can see that one is blue cast, the other yellow cast. Sorry for the terrible pictures this month.
Close up of the area that was completed in June.

July 2019

Unfortunately, next month was no better. I didn’t do any cross stitch at all in July, not even one stitch! I just never felt like doing much and with my new sewing machine waiting for me to play with it, most of my creative energy was focused there. Maybe August will be better. If not I’m sure the cooler weather in September will be better. I like cross-stitching in the Fall and Winter months. 

August 2019

I finally got back in the swing of things and did a pretty good job of getting caught up. I have to apologize for the terrible lighting. I bought some new lights but they didn’t work out. It’s back to the drawing board and poor lighting until I figure this thing out. Thanks for your patience.

Picture shows the completed portion of the cross-stitch project
Here’s a look at the entire piece, so far. I think its beauty is finally starting to shine through. It no longer looks like a bunch of blobs on the canvas.
Here's a closeup of half of the work i completed this month
Here’s the first of two closeups. That shows how much progress I made, because on picture wasn’t enough to show it all.
Closeup of left side of project.
Last, but not least, a closeup of the left side. Not as much completed here but a good start. It should only take me about four evenings to get this all completed and then on to the next pass!

Feature Photo by Esther Ní Dhonnacha on Unsplash
Photo of Completed Project used with permission of Annette from Whoopicat

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