Today was another cleaning day. I bet you can’t believe that I’m actually spending this much time cleaning the house. This is not just a thorough cleaning. We’ve lived here over ten years and I’m going through things that haven’t hardly been looked at in all that time. I threw out boxes of papers that I culled from our files and have a hefty sized pile of stuff to go to the thrift store. I’m shifting things to new homes and reorganizing stuff into better containers, etc.

It has shifted to cooler weather and is supposed to be quite cold by Thanksgiving, so I’m concentrating my efforts inside for the next few days.

In the evening was knitting group. I tried to get the snowman I’m working on stuffed on the bottom half, but I didn’t have enough stuffing, so I worked on a scarf to go around its neck. I’ll pick up some fiber fill shortly so that I can get this done before Christmas. 

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