Two things completed, yay! First I finished the body for the snowman. It is stuffed, looks like a snowman body, and stands on its own. I couldn’t ask for more. Now to do the finishing touches. I’ve got the scarf started and I think I can follow the hat pattern on the original and get something that will work. The other small pieces I’ll have to modify to fit the size snowman I ended up with.

I also completed the neckband on Sarvasri’s sweater. It was more involved that I thought it would be. It was over 300 stitches, so each row took a bit of time to complete. Watched a video on how to make the buttonholes at my fav YouTube knitting channel Very Pink Knits.

Had planned to get our traditional Christmas cookies made, Russian Tea Cakes, however, I ended up making them too late in the evening to finish the last coat of powdered sugar (organic variety). So, we ended up with a cup of coco with mini peppermint marshmallows (all organic also) without cookies tonight. It was yummy

Got the first heating bill and it wasn’t as bad as I expected. It cost us about an extra $30-40 for the month. Considering the greenhouse is only being heated with an electric space heater that is not too bad. We even had some super cold days during this time, so it is a pretty good indicator that we’ll be looking at that much more for Jan and Feb, too, unless we have another January like last year…

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