Supplies for Robe-Towels, Lining Fabric, Covered Buttons
Supplies for My New Robe

Started project. Fitted pattern, found buttons, got out pattern making book to help with altering sleeves.

Decided which towel is going to be used where. Unfortunately one of the towels looks like it came from a different weaving lot and doesn’t exactly match, but after more than a year I can’t return it. Also, they no longer have this color.

Dress Form with Pattern Pinned to It
Pattern Fitting on My Vintage Dress Form

Marked the nap on each towel.

Cut the center front and neck hole today. Also, made the pattern for the interfacing. 

Went through my stash of plain colored cotton fabrics and found I don’t have anything to match the lining fabric. Luckily I had an appointment in town today, so picked up what I needed at Hobby Lobby.

Got up the courage to make the first cut. Cut the neck hole and center front. Then created a new lining pattern, since I will not have shoulder seams like the original pattern does.

Cover Photo by  Fancycrave on Unsplash

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