Today was a paint-a-stripe-around-the-barn day. Here I thought I’d get my website up in a week, lol. Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon working on moving the files to our hosting company. By early evening it was up and running on their local server, so that I could test it and do some more development, before making it live. Even after I make it live I can’t promote it, because there are a number of plugins I need that can’t be configured in a test environment, so I have to work on getting them all configured before I make a launch announcement. I’m hoping I can get that all done and ready, at the very latest, the end of February. However, after thinking it would only be a week before I launched and it is now four months, I’m not going to make any predictions.

After I got it working I had a little celebration with my husband. We had a square of chocolate and some dried banana chips as a treat. Then I finished up dishcloth number two, just leaving the tails to weave in. 

I ended the day with a long session of cross stitch. I’ll be taking the monthly picture on the first of February to show how much I progressed in a month. It wasn’t as much as I wanted, but at least this last week I’ve been able to work on it more consistently. I’m actually over halfway across on my first pass. So it’s going to be a while before this project is completed. I figure somewhere between two and four years. However, once it’s done it will be spectacular, if it comes out anything like the pattern.

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