Had a wonderful pancake breakfast to start the day. Then I finished up a couple household chores and went to work on my robe. I did a really scary thing today. I cut into the towel and made the neckline cut.

Once that was done I made a new interfacing pattern that is all one piece, since there won’t be any shoulder seams. That took quite a bit of time and finagling to get it right.

In the afternoon I went back to working on the cabinet and got the last piece of ruined wood removed. It was much more of a deal to remove it than I had anticipated and took my husband’s expertise to get it out. Tomorrow I need to go get some filler to fix all the little dings and screw holes I no longer need. I still need to cut the replacement piece to length, glue and nail it in place and glue down a small area of the original plywood veneer that had come loose in the disaster. Then I can fill anything that need filling, and do the final sanding. I still hope to complete the cabinet portion by the end of the week. I really need to get on to other projects now that spring is looming large.

In the late evening I worked on my cross stitch and got a nice big piece (relatively speaking) done while we watch “Magical Creatures and Where to Find Them” on the boob-tube. It was a nice relaxing evening.

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