Worked the early morning shift today. On the way home I felt so sleepy I could hardly stay awake long enough to drive home. So, once I had eaten lunch I took a nap (longer than I’d planned because I just couldn’t get going).

Once up I did a little work on my site and decided that I need to take it live (but not launch it), because I can’t try out any of Jetpacks goodies without the site being live and I found out that there is a gallery feature in Jetpack, so I might not even need to find a plugin, since I just need a basic gallery.

We also unveiled the gluing job we did on the hutch for the kitchen. It looks a little messy, but I think I can clean it up and sand it down so that it won’t be too noticeable. At least it will definitely be functional, which is the most important.

In the evening was knitting group and I started dishcloth #4, the last one for the time being. It is quite tricky to do continental, but I’m persevering. I really like my stitch definition when I knit continental style, better than when I use English style. I don’t seem to have as even a tension with the latter, even though it is much easier for me to do, so I’m thinking about working on becoming a “picker” instead of a “thrower” permanently, if I can figure out how to do some of the stitches more comfortably. Unfortunately, right now, doing anything other than knit or purl is a challenge and I want knitting to be a fun activity. I’ll give it a little more time, because sometimes just practicing something long enough will make it easier to do, or you discover a new way of doing it that makes it easier.

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