Today was a day to get a much done on the hutch as possible. I finished up the filling and sanding. Got it looking as good as I could. In the afternoon I taped off the parts I don’t want painted orange and painted the first coat.

I had planned to do the second coat, but it had a two hour wait time in order to repaint. By the time the two hours had passed it was dark and the area where I’m painting it didn’t have enough light for me to be able to see if I had missed any areas.

During the time that it was drying I looked at the sewing stash apps and made a final selection which apps I’m going to try out. You can see my initial impressions in my blog.

So, instead I ate popcorn and worked on the last of the four dishcloths. I did, however, stop doing the continental on this last one, as it was quite difficult to do that way and it was making my hands hurt a lot. So, I switched back to English style. I will continue to develop my continental knitting skills, but with an easy, more flexible yarn. Dishcloth yarn is quite stiff and unforgiving and when you have a lot of K2Ts to do it can really be hard on the hands, especially if you aren’t very comfortable with the kind of knitting you are doing.

At least I know I can knit continental and I have a choice now. If a project lends itself well to the stitched I’m comfortable with using continental I’ll probably continue to use it. I’ll also try to expand my comfort in areas when a pattern has just a little of something new. This last pattern has a ton of KT2. If it had just a little of that I would have persevered with the continental style, but knitting is supposed to be fun and I wasn’t having any fun…

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