Got a lot done today. First order was to get the second coat of orange paint on the hutch. Got to check that off the list. In the afternoon I pulled off the tape and got to see what it really looks like. I like what I’m seeing. Two coats of yellow tomorrow, I hope.

Next I got out all my fabrics and piled them in the living room, so that I can start sorting them and cataloging them. Here’s a look at my poor little living room buried under piles of fabrics.

Living Room Buried in Fabrics
Instead of Where’s Waldo, It’s Where’s My Living Room?

Then I spent a couple hours working on this site, getting it closer to being able to its official launch. I realized I hadn’t downloaded a backup plugin! Ack! So, I downloaded one and got it working.

While I watched the news I worked on dishcloth #4 and got several more rows done.

Lastly, in the evening I sorted through all my fabrics and got like with like. I can’t believe how much of a mess they had gotten into. Once I get everything reorganized I’m hopeful I’ll be more productive and get more accomplished in a way that will get coordinated outfits finished and be working on fabrics for the upcoming season. I sure have a lot of beautiful fabrics to work with, that’s for sure.

It was a very satisfying day. I felt like I moved forward on many fronts.

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