Spent a good deal of time continuing to get the hutch put back together. Today we needed some little triangular brace pieces to put around the center of the bottom of each shelf. A few of the original pieces were still in place, but had ten that needed to be replaced.

I tried, on my last shopping trip, to find some little triangular pieces or at least a piece of triangular trim of some sort that we could cut down. Unfortunately I was unsuccessful. This meant that we had to cut all the little pieces ourselves. Even more unfortunately it was a cold, drizzly day and we don’t have a roof over our wood cutting tools (I know, our bad). Luckily for me, my husband was responsible for the demise of the hutch in the first place, so he was willing to brave the unfriendly weather to cut up a bunch of little brace pieces. Also, lucky was that the rain stopped long enough for us to get the pieces cut.

We bundled up and found a couple of 2×2 pieces that had been for another project, that didn’t get used. We had to trim them down (as they had been painted, and then cut the pieces in half on the diagonal. This is no small feat, even with a small table saw that has a blade that will angle at 45˚. The wood doesn’t feed through as easily, it got hung up on the blade cover center piece, the wood kept creeping up the blade so it wouldn’t cut all the way through, etc. 

Finally after a number of trials we managed to get all the pieces cut, phew. Took a break for lunch and then I had to cut the longer lengths into the 1.5” pieces we needed. Once that was done my husband figured out a way to glue and stabilize the pieces so that they would dry in the right place. We finished up just in time to head out to a presentation on time lapse photography, which was only marginally interesting.

By the time we got home it was time to drop into bed and get some shuteye. Painting had to wait until tomorrow, argh.

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