Finally got to do the second color on the hutch! It took three coats on some parts, but it’s looking mighty fine. I do have to do a tiny bit of touch up and then I’ll deem the body of the hutch complete.  The one concern I have is that I don’t think I have enough paint to complete the project, so I’m probably going to have to buy another can to be able to do the doors and drawers. That’s a bummer, but it is what it is.

All that took most of the day, because I had to do one coat and then wait two hours. During the times I was waiting I worked on the site some more. It is coming along, but much more slowly than I would like. I took an impromptu nap, got the car inspected, etc. I didn’t work on my fabric stash because I didn’t want to accidentally get any unnoticed paint on any of my gorgeous fabrics.

Tomorrow I’ll do the touchup and then move the hutch out of the way to let it “cure” for a few days, before I put it to use. Don’t want the jars I’ll be putting in it to stick to the new paint. Then I’ll have massive cleanup to do. It makes a major mess when you have to sand something inside your house, but the rain just is not letting up here and this project had to be finished, so I can have the shelves in the kitchen for the greenhouse.

In the evening I did a little knitting and helped my husband with a project.

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