Today didn’t turn out how I had expected it to. I had planned to work on cross stitch in the morning, when it was too cold to work outside. Then I was going to get the ugly shelving unit out of the kitchen and get the little cabinet in place. Lastly I was going to put the shelving unit out in the greenhouse and get everything set up so that I could start planting seeds tomorrow.

WELL, my husband wanted me to go on a hike this morning, so no cross stitch done then. When we got back it was already past lunchtime, so we had to fix lunch, before I could do anything else.

After lunch I started on the cupboard project and even with my husband helping some I didn’t get it pretty well finished up until 8:30 pm, so no greenhouse work.

What I hadn’t counted on was that moving the cupboard was going to be so involved. I knew we hadn’t been able to move the fridge for several years, because the other shelving unit was in the way, so had planned to clean up behind, around, and under it before I put the new cupboard in place. It was an amazing mess back there! I had no idea that several things had spilled from the counter and down and under the fridge, plus talk about dust bunnies! Yikes! During the repair of the cupboard one of the things I did was put it on gliders, so that we can move it to clean behind the fridge. Boy am I glad I did. Poor little thing (actually it is quite big). I’m sure it felt like we were trying to smother it to death with dust bunnies. All is well now and I’m sure it will work much more efficiently now.

The cupboard itself involved several steps after I got it in place. First I lined the shelves, which because the cupboard has some little corner pieces in it had to be cut to length and then a bunch of little cutouts take out. Then I had wanted to put lace along the edged of the shelves, so I had to go through my entire stock of lace to make sure I picked the perfect one for the project. Of course then I had to put the lace on the shelves. I really like the effect, makes it feel very old country farmish to me.

Then I had to put everything in it. Since it is my main storage for all the bulk items we buy, and we buy a lot of them, it took a long time to organize them on the shelves. Whew!

After that I had a snack and did a little work on my cross stitch. Was going to do more, but remember I hadn’t taken my end of February picture yet. I’ll take it tomorrow and it will be and end of February plus one picture.

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