After having my day jumbled up yesterday I was determined to get the stuff on my to-do list done. I started the day with the mundane, paying bills. I also cleaned up the remnants of stuff left scattered around from getting the kitchen reset.

I then moved on to working on my fabric stash and managed to get the first set of fabrics, gauze, completed. I have decided to work with Stash Star Fabric for the time being, as the other two just weren’t as easy to use.

In mid-afternoon I went out in the greenhouse and moved a lot of stuff around, brought the shelves that I removed from the kitchen out and filled them with pots, set up my potting station, and cleaned out an area so that I can set up the shelves for the seedling trays. I’ll start on that project and hopefully get some seeds planted on Tuesday, my next day off.

In the evening I was pretty tired from all the pushing, pulling and lifting in the greenhouse, so I settled in and worked on my cross stitch project after having a fun snack of herbed popcorn.

All in all it was a very satisfying day.

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