I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Finished packing away all my smaller supplies. I only did a cursory organization on these. Will go back and do an in-depth (i.e., how many, what size, color, etc) sometime in the future, after I either find an app or make a database to hold all the information. Then I got the fun of starting to put things back in the closet. It looks so neat and organized. I’m delighted. I still have some more to do. Probably would have finished but I decided to go to the knitting group for a break and when I got home we had a popcorn feast and then I was pretty much ready for bed.

At knitting group I worked on the sock I started a few weeks ago. I’m working on the part that is above the ankle right now. Got a good bit done, but also got a good bit of talking and listening done. It is nice to be around some other women. I don’t get much time to chat with others very often, so this group means a lot to me.

I think one of the biggest changes through this whole organization thing is that I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. I never realized how big a toll being as disorganized as I was took on me. I was totally unaware of it, to tell you the truth. Going through the process was a burden, as well, because it took an interminably long time and it created total chaos throughout most of the house. However, I realized that this chaos was how I feel about my being a creative type and that I need to resolve the issues I have with not fitting into societies square hole. I am definitely a round type person, who has, for most of my life, tried as hard as I could to fit into the square hole. I have lots of emotional and mental scars to show how hard I tried. Now I need to heal those scars, accept who I truly am, and basically “come out of the closet.” So, maybe that’s what all this organization is all about. I’m ready to become my true self. I sure feel that way and it is one of the main reasons I started this site. There are so many of us that shouldn’t be fitting into square holes and we need to unite and support each other to find the correct shaped hole for ouselves. Maybe yours is octagonal, or triangular, or heart shaped, but for sure you will continue to feel dissatisfied with your life and in “pain” until you can stand up and say “I’m a creative, and not only is that OK, it’s great!”

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