Yesterday afternoon I took a quick trip back to Dollar General. I returned a few items I didn’t use and bought some larger containers for the last of my fabrics. I had wanted to find some containers that were smaller and easier to handle, but they ended up costing about double what these were. I just decided to make due with the larger containers, that way I could get finished up and not break the bank. They are a very pretty light turquoise, so at least they are attractive. I spent the first part of the morning getting the last of the fabrics in their permanent home. Now there is no more fabric in the living room, yippee! I labeled them and got them into the closet, as well.

I have a floor! I have a floor! Yippee-skippy I have a floor! I was able to vacuum every square inch of my studio floor (except where furniture is setting). Now I can’t say my desk, sewing table, and craft table are clear, but this is the first time I’ve seen my floor since I started this project. Yay!

This afternoon I’ll probably go outside and do some work, since it is gorgeous, cold, but gorgeous. I’ve got good outerwear for that kind of work.

Oh, oh, I almost forgot. When I went out to check on the greenhouse this morning, I noticed something purple in the shade garden. I couldn’t figure out what it was, because the crocuses had finished blooming a week ago. I went out there and it was a primrose! I had bought one on sale last year. It said they were perennial, but I didn’t believe it, as I’ve never had one come up the next year, so I had completely forgotten about it. There it is blooming its little heart out with huge blossoms on it. When I’m out I’ll take a picture of it and post it.

I did, in fact, go outside and spent about five hours gardening. I planted the dianthus and pansies I had recently purchased and then worked on a half circle garden I put in last fall. We have a lot of wild garlic in this area (looks like green onions) and whenever I put in a garden I never get all the tiny little garlic bulbs out. This garden looked almost like grass was growing in it there were so many garlics. Now I can see how much more of the garden needs planting.  It is exciting to get back out and start to get yard back in order, after such a horribly wet and dreary winter.

I planned to finish up my office this evening, but was way too tired after so much work in the yard. I just relaxed, ate some dinner, and then went to bed.

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