I cannot believe that three months of the new year have already past. When I look back on what I’ve accomplished I’m disappointed that there’s not more progress showing. I do realize that I spent all of one month, plus a little, working on my stash and that was a huge step in being ready to move forward on my sewing projects, but still I’m disappointed.

Keeping this journal is teaching me a lot about myself. I have a lot of strange little quirks, that often cause me to not be as productive as I easily could be. I set up parameters that have to be met before I do something, that are artificial, and are really only in my head. I also often make poor choices in how I use my time. I still put other’s needs before mine about 95% of the time, even if it really causes me troubles in my own life. Not that I want to turn totally selfish, but I need to look at the pros and cons of everything and make the best choice, so that I don’t feel resentment in the long run. 

I also tire more easily than when I was younger. I think that has more to do with nutrition, than with age. We recently learned, through some testing that we did on the foods that we were buying, that our food is lacking in almost any nutrition. It is sad that our soils have been so destroyed. We cook almost everything we eat from scratch, with the best quality foods we can find, and still there’s little nutrition in it. We’ve tested conventional and organic produce from all over the place, including local farmers’ markets, and still they test dismally poor on nutritional density. So, we are supplementing, but I think we may need to do more than what we’re doing. My energy level is better, but still not what it was even five years ago.

Anyway, hopefully I will also make changes in accordance with what I’m learning about myself, so that I live a peak lifestyle in all areas. I know that if life is optimal in all areas, my creative life will soar without my having to try. So, I decided to make April 1 (no fooling here) as a day to restart my life. I’ve gotten most of the clutter taken care of (and will finish the rest this week), so I can concentrate on moving forward optimally in all areas of my life. I’m getting back in to a regular exercise regimen, setting time for moving my business forward, creating quality time with my husband, and of course finishing up all the UFOs in order to open up more creativity for new projects. I’ll work on some new projects, as well, but for at least this month I’m going to concentrate on the numerous small or almost completed projects that I found when I organized my studio.

So, in the evening I started on this and got five small mending projects completed and out of my studio. I have some shelves with little baskets on them that I put upcoming projects in. I almost emptied the overflowing quick fix box. I found that three of the projects I need to get something in order to be able to finish them. They’ve already been added to my shopping list and since I’m shopping tomorrow that means I should have those out of my studio before the end of the week. It is very empowering to have things organized. I can’t wait to finish up that basket and the large box I have with little projects in them. It will make my studio feel much better and I’ll have the weight of unfinished repairs off my shoulders.

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