Trying to decide which plugin is the best for what I need is sure a pain. I spent several hours looking at them and still haven’t made any decision. I’m trying them out on my site and I like some parts from each one of them. The only one I didn’t like was the one that comes free with JetPack.

I thought we were going to have lunch after I ended my search for today, but my husband had an emergency with one of his clients, so I sat down and organized several more projects. I found that I needed materials for two of them, so put that on the shopping list. The other two I’ve got everything in place to complete them. I’m loving being more organized.

After lunch I spent several hours outside working in the yard. It is a glorious day today and I couldn’t wait to get out there. I got two pampas grass plants in the ground and then started some major weeding in the food gardens that didn’t get any cover crop planted on them. Yikes, they are a mess. The gardens with cover crop are going to be a breeze to get going. Only a few weeds popping up in them. Next year every food garden gets a cover crop!

In the evening I was about to start my next project and realized I want to do either a blog or a video or both for it, so stopped in my tracks. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get that started. My husband and I started reading a book together. If it turns out to be useful I’ll write a blog about it. Other than that I didn’t get much done in the evening, don’t really know why…

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