Wow, my vacation isn’t turning out anything like I thought it would. I thought by today we’d be finishing up a wall or two and we haven’t even started. Spent the entire morning and even the afternoon, until 3:00 pm (with a break for lunch), getting the lighting harness attached and working. So, not only have we not started the walls, we still don’t have everything we need to build them.

Then a person was coming to buy the car we have for sale. He was supposed to be here at 3:30 and he finally showed up at 5:00 pm. Problem is that titles have to be notarized in this state and the notary closed at 5:00 pm. So, we were unable to complete the sale, although he did leave the money with us and will be back tomorrow to pick up the car.

Then we needed to paint the boards that are going to hold up the garden walls while they dry, but by the time the guy got here and left it had cooled down too much and the wax/oil mix was drying too fast.

Then I thought I’d have a few minutes to work in the garden, but we had to wrestle the pink boards that my husband has to return tomorrow out of the greenhouse, clean them up and get them ready for him to take back. By the time that was done it was almost dark, so I came in and took a shower.

Unfortunately I’m pretty out of sorts and don’t plan to do another staycation anytime in the near future, because nothing is getting done that I wanted to work on, so even after my time off we’ll have everything left to do that I took the time off to accomplish. I’m bummed. 

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