Today was a huge gardening day. I spent a hour or so in the morning moving seedlings from their original container into their very own homes. Got around 25 or so of those done. 

Then after lunch I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out one of the front entry gardens. If I knew how to keep weed seed from blowing into our yard I’d do it, at almost any cost, ha! The front gardens get filled with weeds most of which have blown in on the wind, as the front of the house faces the prevailing winds. 

After I finished that I did the edge mowing on the entire yard. By the time I came in I was absolutely bushed. Took a shower and promptly fell asleep on my chaise. I woke up long enough watch our favorite TV show and have a short story time before lights out. (My husband and I often read a book out loud before bed. We read various genre and have thoroughly enjoy a classic children’s book, along with many other styles of writiing.)

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