Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s into the garden I go! It was absolutely a total garden work day. I started out in the greenhouse moving 25 more seedlings into their own homes. Then immediately moved to working in the yard. 

I was mostly concerned with getting the annuals I bought, some two weeks ago now, into the garden. I started with the front entry garden that I cleaned out yesterday. Moved the Victoria Blue Salvia that survived the winter into a nice grouping and then filled the garden with ageratum, seeds for three different types of zinnias, and cleome seeds. The last two are best started out in the garden that’s why I put out seed. I’ve had great success with zinnias growing them this way. They are real powerhouses when it comes to growing rapidly and getting flowers going. They are one of my most favorite annuals, as you would know if you saw my seed collection.

While working on this garden I had to move a coreopsis that had seeded itself into the very edge. I have more to move from another garden that stays way to wet for them, but that will have to wait for another day.

I then moved on to the new garden I cleared last fall. Of course some weeds had come up over the winter and the wild garlic and sorrel had to be cleared for a second time, which was expected. I’m going to put mostly perennials in this garden, but want some continuous color, so I put in a patch of sunflowers, some tall snapdragons (which will last for a number of years if I’m lucky) and then across the front of the garden I put in deep pink-red vinca and bronze and gold marigolds. I’m trying something new this year. I put in four vinca and then alternated four each of vinca and marigolds and then ended with four marigolds. I’m hoping it will give a fun effect.

I had hoped to get more planted, but I had to start out the day cleaning the weeds out of the entry path. Our front entry is still just makeshift. I had hoped to do something about that this summer, but because I didn’t get the perennials that are in the way of the new porch and it is getting hot already it is going to have to wait until fall, sigh. So, I had to clean all the weeds out from the rocks and stepping stones we have there. This was a monumental task and took up about half the time I had to work in the yard.

In the evening was knitting group. I worked on the sock again, but got to a point where I didn’t quite understand the instructions and was too tired to figure them out, even after Bonnie told me exactly what I was going to do, so just sat and chatted with everyone until it was time to leave. 

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