What a day! It was errand day again. I’m beginning to hate errand day and have decided that I’m going to start using the pickup services as much as possible and order online. When I try to run around to all the stores and find things it takes an interminable amount of time and often I don’t find what I’m looking for anyway. 

I was looking for some soil amendments. I always shop at this one store, but when I got there they only had one of the four items I needed! Brick and mortar stores need to be more aware that they do that often enough (and this wasn’t the first time this has happened) and customers will go elsewhere, because more and more of online shopping has free shipping especially for bulky items like soil amendments.

Sometimes I have to go to three or four stores to find what I want. It wastes time, money, and gas to do all that. So, I decided yesterday that I will be doing a lot more shopping online and picking up in stores (which many major retailers offer now, and which is my job at work, I fulfill those order), and online shopping. For things I can’t do that with, like fresh produce, since I don’t trust someone to pick produce for me, clothing, shoes, and a few other things that I have to touch, feel, and/or try on before I buy I’ll still shop for, but I’m over this running around frantically for an entire day and getting only about half the stuff on my list purchased. Stores that offer Drive Up will be my first choice, pick up in store, second and last I’ll resort to online.

I really want to support small businesses, but they just are not keeping up and I can’t wait weeks or months (or even days for that matter) for them to get the item in. The drive into town is 50 minutes from where I live, so I’m not going to come back tomorrow when the truck comes in. I’m there and then not back there for at least two weeks.

So, now I have to spend the time to find the items I have to have online and get them here. I have dozens of plants to put in the ground and no starter fertilizer for them, grrr.

Sorry for the rant, but I bet many of you are feeling the same way. You want to support local businesses, but they just don’t have what you need when you need it. I always welcome comments on my posts, so if you have something to say, or some ideas then comment away. I look forward to them.

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