Lots of gardening again. I spent the entire day out weeding the shade garden. it is such a mess. I still have a long way to go, argh. It is so disheartening to clean out a garden and then a couple months have it so choked with weeds you can’t see the plant anymore. I had the garden cleaned out last Fall and looking really great. This Spring the weeds came up so strong they almost smothered my smaller plants!

I found two plants that are alive, one which I thought was dead, a perennial geranium. The other is my hardy hibiscus, that is just starting to come up. I’ve cleaned out at least two carts full of weeds so far and I haven’t even finished across the front of the garden!

I decided I needed to not tire myself out completely, so I came in around 6:00 p.m. and took shower and then spent some time working on my knitted hat and doing some cross stitch. I hadn’t worked on either one since the beginning of the month, because i was working outside until it got dark on days I didn’t work. If finally decided I need to not be so maniacal about my garden work and allow myself some time to be creative and have some fun, so I started that today.

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