Today was the day! Plant Passalong Sale Day!!! Boy did I make out like a bandit. I got 32 plants for just $85 dollars. That’s an average of just a little over $2.50 apiece. Everything from a tiny division to a full grown dwarf orange tree was in this year’s lot.

I really wanted to get a bunch of peonies, but they only had two colors, pink and white. I already have a large white one, which I moved a part of this spring and it is doing well. I’ll move the rest of it this fall. So I bought a couple of the pink ones. I guess I’ll have to buy the expensive ones if I want more variety. I have a place where I’ll be putting in a picket fence (I just love them) and I want a whole garden filled with peonies on one end. They are easy care, have beautiful flowers, and live forever (or nearly so).

Other than that I picked up mainly perennials, a mixture of sun and shade. My husband picked out the orange tree (it will go along with the two Meyer’s lemons we have), a fig tree, plus one tomato plant. 

I’m pretty excited about my haul and will share more about them as I get them in their new homes. The tiny little clustered bellflowers I got last year are blooming their hearts out right now and I am in “love” with them, so picked up two more of them. I will probably move them down to the new circular garden, once they have completed their bloom, as they are in the dreaded weed infested garden I wrote about earlier.

Anyway, all in all a wonderful morning and I’m very excited to get my new little plant friends in their new homes.

Did the final tally on the seeds I planted in the greenhouse over the past few days. Unfortunately many of the perennial seeds I tried to start either didn’t sprout or they got eaten by bugs. I need to do a better job of keeping bugs out of the greenhouse. It is hard, because it is not really set up right, yet, so I’m having a hard time doing some of the regular maintenance that I would do if it were just a greenhouse and not also a storage area for anything we don’t want wet.

My seedlings are not as big and healthy as I would have expected either. I’m going to have to baby them along through the summer, outside the greenhouse, or open up the bottom of the greenhouse, which I think is what I’m going to have to do, because there are just too many of them to take care of outside the greenhouse and keep them from getting too much rain. Another thing to figure out how to do, so that the animals and bugs can’t all just walk in, ugh. I will probably need to put up some type of screening, but have to figure out how to do it so it doesn’t allow bugs to come in at the top and bottom. YouTube here I come…

Later in the evening I did a little knitting and moved on to cross stitch. It was great to get a little more done on each of these projects. 

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