Started out working on my site. I got another small piece working. Sure wish things would come together faster. It is amazing to me that I can work for several hours and only have one tiny little thing to show for it. Eventually I will have everything working properly and can do a formal launch. In the meantime I have lots of time to get a content flow working properly. I’ve pretty much got getting a daily journal entry down, but everything else is still kinda hit or miss. I know I need to get everything else on the site on a regular schedule, but it is hard to do when only part of the site is working.

After I spent time on that I needed some outdoor time. We are having a wonderful cool week, so I’m spending another week outside in the gardens. I need to get the cleaning done, especially since I just bought 32 plants at the sale. It is going to get hot soon and then I’ll pare down on how much time I spend outside.

Did a couple of things today. First we needed to change out the tarp that is covering one of the carts. We had a huge 11’x19’ tarp over a 4’x6’ cart. Way too big and exposing the large tarp that could be used for something more important to the elements when we could do with less was a waste of money. Tarps only last so long, and the large tarps are quite expensive, so we took care of that. Now we can move the cart in order to mow around it.

My husband was doing the washing of the large tarp, so while he was doing that I got the two hanging planters for the front entry area planted.

I then spent the rest of the afternoon working on the shade garden. I got a lot done today. I feel like I can plant the annuals I bought for the border now. I will be able to put in the smaller perennials, too. I still need to clean out the “back 40” in order to plant the larger plants. I have several plants I need to move from the front yard, as well. I have several volunteer hydrangeas, some Japanese’s painted fern, bee balm, and pink turtlehead. I have a mountain laurel and a rhododendron, too, but they are tiny plants, so I’m keeping them in pots for the summer, so I don’t forget to water them. I’ll plant them in the fall so that they will have cooler weather to put down their roots and get established. They are looking great so far in their gallon containers.

Most of the plants I bought at the plant sale are shade plants. Don’t know why, but that’s just how it worked out, so I spent part of the evening getting information on the best places to plant them, how tall and wide they get, whether they are going to take over the garden (I have two I’ll need to watch). I have made a database for them that includes all kinds of information. It is a wonderful resource and I’m glad I spent the time putting it together. Someday I hope to have another site that will be for gardeners to keep track of all their gardening info in one place, but that’s another year.

In the evening I spent a short time working on the cross stitch project. I got to move into a section that will have four new colors in it, so that is exciting. That means I’m coming up on the halfway mark for using the 43 colors in this project, will still be five away, though.

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