Boy I had big plans for today. My husband was going to be gone most of the day and I had all kinds of plans of things I was going to get done since I would be by myself. It is amazing how little I got done and yet I worked almost non-stop from the time he left.

I tried to work on the cross stitch in the morning. I did manage to get a very small area done, but then I made a mistake. In trying to back out the stitches to correct the problem I managed to mess up the thread, so put that down.

I did manage to get the elephant ear planted today, but of the things on my list that was about it. Part of the problem was that the garden the elephant ear was going to be planted in needed a major weeding, but it didn’t look like it did. We have a nasty weed here called sheeps sorrel and it sends out runners in many directions. Leave one small piece and you have a new plant in short order. Well I had quite a number of hefty plants that had sent out runners underground for up to five or six feet from the parent plant. This meant painstaking digging and sifting through the soil to get all the pieces. I’m sure I wasn’t 100% successful, but hopefully I got enough of them out that they will not be able to take over again. By the time I got that done I wasn’t in much of a mood to do anymore gardening.

Then in the evening I went to knitting group. Unfortunately I had forgotten to pull out the smaller needles I needed to work on the socks, so that was a no go. I had left the hat I was supposed to work on with a friend, that didn’t happen, in the bag, so I pulled it out and started knitting, only to find out I had made a mistake somewhere a row or so back and was missing one stitch. Try as I might I couldn’t figure out where the dropped (or missed increase) was, so I was dead in the water there.

Upon arriving home I decided to put some raw corn chips in the dehydrator. No sooner had I completed the task than the little glass hummingbird I’ve had hanging from a suction cup in the kitchen window fell off and broke a wing. This was a blatant reminder that I needed to fix fresh hummer food, which I immediately did.

However, it seemed like today was a day filled with lots of things that didn’t work very well. Hopefully a good nights sleep will reset the energies and thing will be better in the morning.

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