Finally, a day when I felt like things moved forward. Of course it still has to do with gardening and probably will until the end of this month.

I managed to get the garden I wanted my early spring crops in cleaned out and planted. We now have broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower starts in the ground. They probably should have been planted a month ago, but it just didn’t happen. I also got a temporary border around the septic clean out. I made a definitive border out of some scrap wood, laid down plastic and put some rocks on it. Not enough rocks to fill it yet, but enough to keep the plastic down and the weeds suppressed. This means no more weeding there anymore. A permanent border will be in place when we put in the garden wall in that area, but until then this will do.

I then moved on to the shade garden. I got some of the perennials I bought planted: hellebores, coral bells, foam flower, and spiderwort, as well as a few annuals for a splash of color.

Last I moved to the front yard and continued work on the last of the perennial garden. I got a huge section of that done. 

I was out in the yard from mid-morning until dusk. If I can keep up this pace until the end of the month, all the gardens should be cleared and a good portion of the plants in their new homes. Then in June I’ll be able to settle into my two hours a day in the early morning and get back to other more creative endeavors. Gardening is a creative endeavor, but I don’t feel cleaning out gardens is. It is the planning and planting that are more creative, the weeding is just maintenance.

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