I realized this morning that I don’t have a good single project bag for knitting/crochet projects. I’m looking at crocheting a new bag and was going to use it to hold my grocery shopping bags, but I think I’m going to make a cloth interior for it that will hold needles and other stuff for a knitting or crochet project. Now I’m excited and want to get the yarn ordered asap. 

Had planned to do a very long day in the garden again today, but only managed probably a total of a couple of hours. For some strange reason in the late morning I started to feel very ill. My stomach began aching terribly and I felt very weak. I came inside for a little bite to eat, thinking it might just be low blood sugar. I went back out, but in very short order I felt terrible again. 

I came in for a longer rest and some lunch and tried one last time. Again within a few minutes of being outside I felt just terrible, so called it a day. I took a long rest and did some inside things that have been needing my attention.

By evening I was feeling some better, so went to knitting group. This time I had all the needles I was supposed to have and figured out how to start doing the decrease for the heel. I managed to get several rounds complete. 

I’m in a bit of a dither about what to complete for this month, as I haven’t worked on much of anything but the hat, which I still need help on figuring out how to fix the error I made, the sock, which I’m only working on at knitting group, and the cross stitch, which is a three year project. I need to take a little time today to see if I have something I can finish up in the next ten days.

Hopefully I’ll feel good tomorrow so that I can spend the day getting the last of the gardens weeded. I’m so close!

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