Absolutely amazing day today! It is cool with a nice breeze. Hard to imagine we’ll be in the 90s in a couple days. Very low humidity, too, so I decided to do the edge mowing this morning, instead of waiting until evening. What a job. It totally exhausted me. The grass had grown so long it was like mowing a jungle and I thought I’d only let it go one week, but it had to have been more. Didn’t even finish before lunch, argh.

I finally finished up the edge mowing shortly after lunch. Then moved on to weeding one of the front gardens. They are the last on my list, but boy are they a total mess. It is hard to believe I had all the gardens pristine last summer. I can’t imagine where all the weed seeds come from. I worked there until around 6:00 p.m. when I finally decided I was too tired to pull another weed.

I’m a little concerned about finishing the gardens by the end of the month. This last set of gardens is way more of a mess with some very invasive plants: blackberries, sorrel, and now Chinese lantern plants, plus a couple of bindweeds. Cleaning it out is extremely slow going right now, ugh.

After a shower that helped perk me up a little bit we had to bottle another round of kombucha. While my husband finished that up I cut up the strawberries we had harvest a few days ago and we had a delicious strawberries and yogurt snack while we watched our fav TV show.

Once the strawberries were munched I worked on the cross stitch project and got to use another new color! I’m working in an area where the color blocks are fairly large so the stitching goes faster than when I have to change colors frequently. Tonight I made very good progress and if I can keep this up until the end of the month I will make my goal of finishing another pass.

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