I’m wracking my brain trying to come up with a project I can complete by the end of the month. I really want it to be from my stash of unfinished projects, so since today is my Saturday I think I’ll take a little time and look at what I have in my unfinished project boxes. There’s got to be something there I can complete by the end of the month.

Today was a down day, a true day of rest. I didn’t do anything in the garden, or anything that needed to be done for that matter. In the morning we went to a local park and did some geocaching and played nine holes of frisbee golf (I lost, but who cares).

After lunch I took an impromptu long nap. I have been feeling fatigued for the past week, so my body took the chance it had to recharge and I felt much better afterward.

I managed to come up with a small project I think I can complete by the end of the month. It will be a birthday gift for my girlfriend, I just need to find one supply and I think I’m set. So, that’s a relief (I think).

In the evening my husband went off to a meeting, so I had a long time to myself. I tried to find a project, other than the cross stitch, that I wanted to work on to no avail. So, I picked up the cross stitch and did an extended period of work. It was great to see a “large” area fill in as I went along. I’m still hopeful of completing this pass before the end of the month and with the work I did today I think it is possible. Maybe I can squeeze in one more long session.

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