Water, weed, work, that seems to be my life at the moment. Today only included two of these watering and working. In the morning I watered as much as I could get done, due to the fact that the 90 degree weather has his us suddenly. While I was watering I got ready for work. I had a long shift today, so spent the heat of the day racing around picking products for customers (it was a wild day).

In the evening I did manage about an hour of cross stitch and completed a section and started with another new color. My husband laughs when I say I’m having so much fun. He absolutely cannot fathom spending hour upon hour sitting and making tiny little cross stitches and calling it fun. He’ll be amazed by the final product, even if he does think I spent way too much time doing it. He doesn’t grasp that the process is the whole thing. That the fact that I get a beautiful or functional object in the end is only a sideline, almost an afterthought. It is watching the piece unfold before my eyes. Seeing the white fabric be slowly completely covered in color and the pattern emerge. He just doesn’t get it. He wants something to be instant, which is weird because in all other aspects of his life this is not a requirement, but if it’s a creative thing he doesn’t want it to take more than an afternoon…

Went to bed very tired, but satisfied. The plants were hydrated, the customers happy, and I got to be a little creative to top it all off.

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