Was out in the garden as early as I could get there today. It was already muggy and pretty warm. Put in two hours on the front foundation gardens. Boy are they hard to work on. Even though we amended the soils a lot before we planted them, they are still very hard clay. I had watered them just a couple days ago, but it was still a struggle to get the garden fork or trowel into the soil to loosen the weeds. I got almost half of of the garden cleaned out and boy does it look better. Luckily in this garden many of the weeds are just along the border, as the shrubs have filled in and shade the rest of the soil. The weeds struggle to come up in the shaded soil, so all I have to do is use my homemade mini strap hoe to clean out the tiny seedlings. Unfortunately I had hoped that the foundation gardens would only take a couple days, but with the heat upon us for the next week it looks like I’m going to be pushing it to get them completed by the end of the month like I planned.

Had a wonderful lunch and took time to rest in the early afternoon. I’ve been pushing myself so hard for the past month and a half that I find I need a little time to rest whenever I have a chance. Hopefully that will change as I go into my more regular 2 hour a day gardening routine.

I came up with a good idea for my friend’s birthday present a couple days ago, but don’t have everything I need, so was looking at some other ideas, as well as something I could do that I could complete before the end of the month. 

I started looking at all the my jewelry stuff and found several charms, some Sculpey clay (that I’ve actually had for over 20 years, still in the original bag with receipt) and some findings (earring pieces mostly). I’ve been wanting some fun playful earrings to wear to work, so I’m thinking of making several of them out of some of the charms and beads I have. I’m also wanting to make something out of the glass beads I made at the class I took. Unfortunately for all these things I need some additional supplies that I don’t have to complete them, so it looks like I’m going to JoAnn’s or Michael’s or Hobby Lobby on my day off, because if I don’t get what I need asap I won’t get either the gift or my project completed in time (my friend’s birthday is the end of the month). I’ll make a list tomorrow of what I need, so that Monday I can go into town and pick up the supplies (and hopefully a five pound box of alfalfa meal as well).

In the evening I worked on the cross stitch project. Got to use another new color and am almost finished with the second pass. I only have a very small amount left to go. I’m excited, unless I don’t do any work at all this week, I’m going to make my goal. Making a goal, even a small, fairly insignificant one like the cross stitch project, is big for me right now. For that past several years I’ve been unable to complete things on any sort of schedule, and mostly I just haven’t completed things. Even working on completing one creative project a month has turned into finding something quick that I can make. I’m going to try and rethink that and make steady progress on more complex projects from the beginning of the month starting with June. I just need to move beyond scrambling to get something done and start creating on a daily basis, except on days I work eight hours, since I usually don’t have much time or energy to do much of anything before or after work.

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