Gonna sound like a broken record, but I again started the day with a two hour stint in the garden. I finally finished the garden I started three or four days ago. What a mess! Now I’ve got to hustle my buns and get the rest of the foundation gardens finished in just three days. I doubt I will be able to, because I absolutely have to limit my time to two hours. The other day I pushed it little and came in feeling just awful from the heat and humidity. Today I did just the right amount and was able to come in and feel pretty good after my shower and breakfast.

I’m doing inside catch up now. Finally got Easter put away, yikes! Getting paperwork caught up and laundry done on time, etc. Today was also a down day for me. I wasn’t feeling all that great, so did a little and then rested, did a little and rested. By evening I was feeling much more myself and decided to ditch the knitting club and work on my cross stitch. I want to get the second pass finished up ahead of time, which I did! I even did a little bit on the third pass!

I need to spend the next couple days getting my friend’s present put together. I just didn’t feel good enough to do it today. I am feeling about 50% better than last night so that’s a huge improvement. Hopefully by tomorrow I’ll feel like myself again.

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