I’m finally conceding defeat. I am not going to get the gardens done before the end of the month. I worked my two hours this morning and only moved about five feet down the garden. Since I have about 30 feet to go, plus the front walk garden on one side (the big side) to finish, I know I am not going to get it done.

My plan is to start doing weeding one day and planting the next. I have all the plants I bought at the Passalong Plant sale to get in the ground, as well as all the plants in the greenhouse. I will start moving the greenhouse plants out onto the covered deck in a few days. They’ll need some time to get used to the outdoor conditions. I actually think they are going to like it better than in the greenhouse, at this point. It is getting way too hot in there for them. However, the tropicals that I have in there are flourishing in the heat, so I’m trying to decide if I need to move them out for the summer. I’ll just watch them closely and if they start to look stressed I’ll pull them out and put them in shade somewhere.

I realized yesterday that I’m missing doing a lot of important things, because I forget about them. So I’ve started a list. That way I can look at it and see if there is anything I need to get going on, like ordering more alfalfa meal, so I can start planting again. It is my food of choice when transplanting, as it has tons of nutrition for the plants and is easier for them to take up than cotton seed meal, which is what I used to use. Of course I buy both organic to be sure I’m not getting anything contaminated with an herbicide that could kill my plants.

I spent much of the afternoon and evening working on my friend’s birthday gift. Got it almost completed. All I need to do is tie on two of the tails and it will be done. I just didn’t have good enough light last night to do it, so decided to wait until daylight. After I give it to her I’ll share what it was and how I did it, but just on the off chance that she’ll look at this journal entry I’ll wait.

Didn’t do any cross stitch today, as I worked pretty late into the evening on my friend’s gift.

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