Even though I probably didn’t get any more done in the garden than the past few days it feels like I got more done. I think because the area that is cleared looks big and I’ve unearthed one of the foundation shrubs from all the Chinese Lantern plants that had swallowed it. Unfortunately I didn’t realize quite how invasive they were when I planted them. Actually I didn’t even know they were invasive or I never would have planted them. Now I have dozens of them to removed from the entire foundation planting, even from areas I never planted any (thanks to the birds I believe). Only one more day to go and I’m not even halfway down the long garden, so the weeds won.

After lunch I finished up my girlfriend’s present, then took a little adventure to the local thrift store, in hopes of finding a treasure or two. I did manage to find one small treasure, a pretty hip scarf to go with my dark brown skirt, and was able to replace one of my work tops that is looking rather worn.

In the evening I got out the cross stitch piece and worked on it some. It is great to be getting a bit of a head start for June’s goal. Tomorrow is the last day of the month. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to do some work on it before I need to take the end of month photo.

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