Got off to a slow start today. Jut didn’t want to work in the garden. I finally convinced myself that I needed to get at least a little something done, so I put down some cardboard around where the goji berries are and covered it with leaf mulch.

I came in and did a few necessary household chores and then decided we needed to go out and have a nice Indian buffet for lunch. It was not hard to convince my husband to change his plans, so we headed out the door for some lunch, a few errands, and a treat.

We ate lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant and the food was just a good as ever. After that, we had a few errands to run and Sarvasri wanted to show me a few things, so we did that. At the end of our trip, we picked up a couple grocery items we needed and two vegan doughnuts, one vanilla and one chocolate.

We ate doughnuts and watched our favorite online TV series. I washed my hands and got out the cross stitch piece and worked on it a little, but then remembered I haven’t taken the end of May picture yet, so stopped. So, there’s a little extra done on it than there really was at the end of the month, but just a little.

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