This morning was beautifully cool. I actually got goosebumps when I first went outside to work in the yard. Today was slated to be a big day of planting and it started out that way, but a wrench was put into the works when I found another of my pots chewed up in the front yard.

This time, however, there were small teeth marks in it and I was shocked to think that Bella, my best buddy dog, had done this dastardly deed. Just then the cutie-pie came around the corner looking for her morning treats. I asked her if she had done “The Deed” and she happily went and sat next to the pot. I went and got treats for her, but before giving her any I asked her again if she had done this (pointing to the pot) and she just sat there looking happy. Then I told her it was a NO and she was a BAD DOG and she realized I did not share the same triumphant feeling about the chewed up pot as she did. She rolled on her back begging forgiveness. Well, no treats for her and as punishment, I did not pet her for an hour (something she loves). Of course, dogs are very in-the-moment so punishment after that period is pointless because she doesn’t remember what she’s being punished for (yes they have memories, I know that for sure, but this is different).

Then my plans had to change. I had to quickly create a makeshift corral for all my pots. Then I had to gather them all and put them there. I’m hoping with a fence around them the two culprits (Scooby and Bella) will be unable to chew anything else up. This Spring I’ve probably already lost about a dozen pots to their dirty deeds, most of them small. However, if Scooby hadn’t come along I never would have had a problem, because until he taught Bella to chew up pots she had never touched one, never in the five or six years she’s lived next door.

That took a lot of time. I only managed to get one flat of plants in the ground today, when I had hoped for two or three. Hopefully, tomorrow will be nice and cool, too, and I’ll be able to get more done.

In the afternoon we sat down and watched the broadcast from Apple, as we are a totally Apple household (well almost we did buy a couple little Fires, but we use Apple for all our main computers). I thought it would be about an hour, but it went on and on. It didn’t end until it was time for me to pack up and head out for knitting group.

At knitting group, I spent my time working on the sock again. It is getting closer and closer to being finished and I do think it will be done well before the end of the summer, even with e only working it for two hours a week, while chatting, etc. I think that means I really only get about an hour of work done on it, but hey I’m in it for the process (and eventually a new pair of socks for the winter).

Late evening was a snack and watching our favorite show, then off to bed.

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