This mornings planting went very slowly. This was due in part because I needed to dig out some more grass to define the edge of the garden differently. I had an area with a straight line for a bit of a distance and I didn’t like it, so I added a curve. Then I had to move the annuals I’d planted to match the curve. Finally, I was able to move my poor, sad-looking miniature roses out of their choked position in the old perennial garden and into a new home that was free of competition.

I also got one of the three elephant ear bulbs planted. The other two are going in the shade garden. These are small bulbs. I want to see what they do in just one season, as they are not cold tolerant in this area. If they perform well I’ll plant them as annuals. If they stay small I’ll have to resort to digging them up every year. The one I replanted last year was enormous! The first year it was just one medium-sized leaf the entire summer. Last summer it made leaves, and lots of them, that were as big as me! It’s off to a grand start this year already, although the leaves aren’t big, yet.

In the afternoon we worked on defining a drip irrigation system for the entire property. We focused on the food-bearing gardens for now, as the front flower gardens are in flux at the moment and it is hard to see where the best placement of the drip is going to be. For now, we’ll concentrate on the gardens that are permanently placed.

In the evening my husband took off for a meeting. This gave me a little time to myself. I puttered around, got my friend’s gift-wrapped, mended a poncho that had gotten torn on a hike we took last summer, had a long conversation with my friend, since she’s in the area right now, and then made popcorn. When my husband got home we watched our favorite program and I worked on the cross stitch piece.

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